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Just a small town boy growing up in a huge world. I have humble roots but fanciful dreams.

Ever since I was a small child, digging with curiosity in the dirt in the back yard to see what lies under the surface, I’ve been on a never ending quest to explore, discover, learn, and with any luck, make something of myself in this world. I’ve come aways a bit since those early days though, but I’ve never stopped thirsting to learn about the world or myself.

This blog is my attempt to share what I’ve learned and gathered over my journey in life so far, my tastes and fashion, my fears and dreams, my experiences and lessons learned, in the hopes that it may be of benefit to others.

This blog will never be complete. It’s a never ending story. It’s a story about me. And my story will go on and on, as long as I have a say in it. So come ride with me, and let me take you on a journey, from the history of my past, to the dreams of my future. You will be entertained, and heck, maybe even learn something.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Sure. It’ll be like the Wizard of Oz. And instead of following a yellow brick road, it’ll be more like a rainbow multidimensional surrealistic road. Cause its that awesome.
    And you might want to bring the keys to the hovercraft. Cause you never know when you’re gonna need a hovercraft. And hovercrafts are awesome.

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